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Welcome to Starlit IT International Ltd,is one of the largest educational institute. About students have started the company since its inception in january 2017 A.D. Having its corporate office in at uttara,Dhaka, Bangladesh, With the goal to create self-employment opportunities for millions of educated-unemployed youths of Bangladesh.The Organization started its journey on a very rough road.


The Mission of Starlit IT International Ltd. is to make Bangladesh free from unemployment.It is needless to mention here that unemployment is the biggest obstacle to ensure our advancement.Event is the main reason of all sorts of social and family unrest.To get rid of this curse and to salvage our youths from the nightmare of financial crisis Starlit IT has oriented Learning & Earning oportunities for it`s learners.


Our vision is to make the whole country unemployment free by the light of ICT education and language proficiency.

Computer Fundamental

Computer Fundamental

Computer Fundamental

ASP.Net, C# Programming Training


Graphics Design


Advance Computer Training


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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Help the People, Help the nation

We are working for unemployment people.